Bär Technology provides a comprehensive set of tools and services to get metrics and data from sensors, devices, systems, machines, containers, and applications. Bär Technology’s collection of services provides a number of integrations to popular databases, containers, services, applications, PLCs and other monitoring and robotic products.

Our Systems supports real-time stream processing of the data and storage to handle high write loads, large data set storage, and conserves space through down-sampling, automatically expiring and deleting unwanted data as well as backup and restore.

We cover our clients’ needs with full-cycle business intelligence, advanced analytics, data visualization and dash boarding for keeping maximum efficiency on all levels of usage.

We integrate PLC systems with other devices (robots, vision cameras, drives, servos, HMIs, SCADA systems) and work with many industrial network protocols and hardware layers.

Programming is the key to seamless integration, control and service of any robotic or remote control unit. Our dedicated team of industry-certified programmers are capable of programming a complex and custom network of devices and components which are controlled by ease-of-use interfaces.

Capturing, controlling and providing high density sensorial data requires unique solutions.
We utilize cloud services, so data can be stored, accessed and rendered for maximum security requirements and fast scaling environments.